Free Application Performance Monitoring for Everyone!

Free Application Performance Monitoring for Everyone!

Watch how your website or application performs from around the globe and identify location based performance issues.

In a nutshell

✔ Free for all
✔ Cloud Service
✔ No installation required
✔ No registration
✔ Staring in less than one minute
✔ Based on Apache JMeter technology
✔ Monitoring Locations in USA, Europe, Middle East and South Asia.

How it works?

We wrap the powerful Apache JMeter and give you a simple GUI to create simple monitoring for your website. After few minutes you will start seeing how your website loading times looks like from different world wide locations. You may extend the script and make it smarter (like going to your homepage, login and do some extra steps).

Start now

Just Sign-In. No registration required, simply use your existing Google or Yahoo! account.


This is a beta service.

Why should I use Beatsoo?

Because it is the only service which let's you run complex monitoring capabilities available in JMeter scripts.

Is it fully compatible with JMeter?

Yes. You can use any components which comes with JMeter 2.9 without any limitations.

Why is this service free?

We want a faster internet experience. We believe that by providing some performance monitoring capabilities, for free, for those who want to invest in it, will help to achieve this target.

How many scripts can I upload to this service?

For now you can only use a single script at a given time. If you want to change/replace the script, you need to first delete your existing one and only then you will be allowed to upload another script. Don't worry - your old monitoring data will remain available for you on the dashboard, we will not throw it away. We might allow more scripts in the future.

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